Workshops: past, present, future


Last week I returned from my yearly Spring tour. This time my trip lasted three and a half weeks during which I visited New Orleans, Ottawa, Kalamazoo and Iowa City. Plenty of things to see, plenty of time spent with nice people and eager students. These weeks are always so intense, compared to my normal life between desk, computer and bed, but I like every minute of it.

On my webpage (see ‘workshops’) I posted some collage-pictures of the places I ‘v been asked to come and teach in the past years. If you or your guild would want me to conduct a workshop next year, let me know: if possible, we can arrange for another tour and keep the travel costs to a minimum.

One of my favourite workshops is the one in which I take my students from formal Italic to gestural Italic, explaining all the principles and revealing all the secrets (or at least the ones I know about). I made a little video about it and put it on Youtube.  Please, feel free to share.

This year, I’m teaching a few workshops in Germany. I recently taught in Hamburg and Niederainbach. In the near future I’ll add Nördlingen and Stuttgart to that list and in Fall, there’ll be a workshop for Klingspor and one in Hamburg again. I love teaching, so keep it coming – I seriously consider any proposal that comes my way.

These days, I’m involved with Spencerian. It’s something I never tried so far, but it’s already becoming an addiction. Nothing decent enough to show yet, but I hope one day…

O.K., that’s about it for the update now.

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One Response to “Workshops: past, present, future”

  1. Rigendinger Says:

    Thank you, dear Yves!! Have a nice sommertime where ever you are!! Annikki

    Von meinem iPad gesendet


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