Brand new website


A few days ago I launched my new website. In fact, it’s so totally different from the one I had that I even changed the URL. From now on, you can visit me at You’re welcome at all times, day and night. It’s the place where you can have a look at my portfolio and watch some video’s, where you can see what workshops are scheduled for the coming year, what services I’m offering and – this is new – where you can sign up for my Newsletter and order some of things I have for sale. I hope you’ll like it. For the occasion, and also because it’s nearly Christmas (well, sort of), I’m announcing a Special Holiday Season Offer. See on my Shop-page what discount you can get on ordering the famous Litterae-box, which still happens to be one of the nicest presents you can give to your letter loving friends.



announcement rectanglekopie


One Response to “Brand new website”

  1. caroline owen-thomas Says:

    stunning website..well easy to navigate…a joy to see such fabulous letters

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