Brand new website

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A few days ago I launched my new website. In fact, it’s so totally different from the one I had that I even changed the URL. From now on, you can visit me at You’re welcome at all times, day and night. It’s the place where you can have a look at my portfolio and watch some video’s, where you can see what workshops are scheduled for the coming year, what services I’m offering and – this is new – where you can sign up for my Newsletter and order some of things I have for sale. I hope you’ll like it. For the occasion, and also because it’s nearly Christmas (well, sort of), I’m announcing a Special Holiday Season Offer. See on my Shop-page what discount you can get on ordering the famous Litterae-box, which still happens to be one of the nicest presents you can give to your letter loving friends.



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Workshops: past, present, future

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Last week I returned from my yearly Spring tour. This time my trip lasted three and a half weeks during which I visited New Orleans, Ottawa, Kalamazoo and Iowa City. Plenty of things to see, plenty of time spent with nice people and eager students. These weeks are always so intense, compared to my normal life between desk, computer and bed, but I like every minute of it.

On my webpage (see ‘workshops’) I posted some collage-pictures of the places I ‘v been asked to come and teach in the past years. If you or your guild would want me to conduct a workshop next year, let me know: if possible, we can arrange for another tour and keep the travel costs to a minimum.

One of my favourite workshops is the one in which I take my students from formal Italic to gestural Italic, explaining all the principles and revealing all the secrets (or at least the ones I know about). I made a little video about it and put it on Youtube.  Please, feel free to share.

This year, I’m teaching a few workshops in Germany. I recently taught in Hamburg and Niederainbach. In the near future I’ll add Nördlingen and Stuttgart to that list and in Fall, there’ll be a workshop for Klingspor and one in Hamburg again. I love teaching, so keep it coming – I seriously consider any proposal that comes my way.

These days, I’m involved with Spencerian. It’s something I never tried so far, but it’s already becoming an addiction. Nothing decent enough to show yet, but I hope one day…

O.K., that’s about it for the update now.

Thanks for reading,


Thoughtful Gestures available as e-book

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Announcement e-book

Since my first book Thoughtful Gestures went out of print two years ago, I received numerous requests from calligraphers and students for a copy and each time I felt sorry I had to disappoint them. Now, I can offer the e-book version, to which I added an extented gallery of another 16 pages, showing more recent work. The e-book can be ordered for only 12 euro, but the really good news is that it’s completely FREE for all who bought or will buy the Litterae-box. Call me crazy, but I merely wanted to make a ‘thoughtful gesture’. For more info on how to order or contact me, see attachment.

Litterae-box available

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Dear all,

It is not without pride that I want to present my Litterae-project. I chose 24 Latin texts, rendered them thoughtfully into calligraphy, translated the quote and commented upon it and its author. The result is a 24 cards-set, which is put into a nice looking box along with a booklet full of background information. I went to great lenghts of trouble realizing it, paying the utmost attention to every single detail of the process, and I’m very happy with the result. In a sense, it combines my two professions and passions: Ancient Rome and calligraphy. I can have some peace now, … unless you overwhelm me with orders, which I wouldn’t mind that much 😉
The set is (or will be) available through John Neal, but you can also order directly through me (in that case, there’s a nice discount on group orders, an additional present of 3 Litterae-bookmarks and reduced shipping costs). For more info, pictures and ordering, send a mail to or visit I also made a presentation video of Litterae and put it up on Youtube and Vimeo. Here’s the link to Vimeo: Hope you’ll enjoy watching it.


‘Litterae’ is coming…

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It felt like bungeejumping – not that I ever did that though. I had checked about a hundred times all my designs and texts but it was still with a trembling finger that I clicked the send-button to send it all off to the printer. In the coming week, thousands of cards, boxes and booklets will be delivered at my doorstep for me to assemble them and then (hopefully) ship them to whoever wants a copy.

Litterae will presented as a box containing 24 A5 cards with Latin texts in calligraphy. All texts are translated and commented with further illustrations. It will provide information on the Latin authors, the chosen quotes and why I interpreted the texts the way I did.

I turned out that I didn’t print enough copies of my book ‘Thoughtful Gestures’ three years ago, so this time I made sure I’ll be able to deliver.

So stay tuned – I’ll announce it very soon with all details. Here’s a little teaser for now.Image

Two things…

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Hi all,

Two things… I want to announce two workshops I’ll give in Hamburg from 7 til 10 November 2014. One is on pointed brush (see picture) and the other is on flat brush Rustics. If you’re interested you can contact me ( and then I’ll put you in contact with the organizer, Anja Luedtke.

The other thing I wanted to say is that I’ve been working very hard on a series of 24 calligraphic interpretations of  some of my favourite Latin texts. Along with the prints, there’s additional information about the author, the chosen text and the reasons why I opted for that particular approach. As I wanted this collection to be the result of my very best efforts in writing and composing, I have been picky in choosing and merciless in refining, but now that the end is in sight, I’m very glad with the result so far. It is meant not only to speak to calligraphers but also to anyone who’s interested in the Roman legacy. I hope to bundle them shortly and publish them. You’ll surely get to hear more about it, but I wanted to send this notification ahead already.

Thank you for your attention,



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Touring days

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I’m back home after two extensive tours, one in the Northern States of America and one in West Canada (eleven stops in total). There’s still one more trip to the US two weeks from now, the Colorado Conference and that will be the end of my traveling days for this year. We’re busy planning a tour in the US for Spring next year that will most probably bring me to Boize, Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs, perhaps also Boston, and I hope to add a few more to the schedule (contact me if you’re interested).

Everything went exceedlingly well: planes on time, delightful hosts and students, good food, fun time in and out of the classroom and enough time off to do some sightseeing or simply relax with a book.

Now, back home, I made a TO DO-list which keeps staring at me for quite a few things can’t be crossed that easily from it. A thorough editing of my handouts, preparing for an exhibition, writing a new book … and tending the garden, painting the woodwork etc…

Well, I guess that instead of updating my blog, I might as well get started on a couple of minor things on that list.


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A week from now I’ll be on a plane to Minnesota, where my American tour kicks off. It’ll also bring me to Montana, Washington, Oregon and Illinois for 10 workshops in total. I’ll be away from home for about 5 weeks – the longest period so far. I know there will be times I’ll wish I could sit in front of my TV or at breakfast with my slippers on and my family around me, but I’m sure my hosts will make me feel at home – they always do.

I’ll return to the States in July to teach at the Calligraphy Conference, which is held in Colorado this year. I’m teaching Pointed Brush and Experimental Layout and I promised to give a slidepresentation one evening. There are still some places left, so check out

And while I’m at it, it may be good to know that there’s a great possibility that I’ll be touring again in the US in Spring next year. At least three guilds have shown interest – if your guild would like to join and help cutting the airfare, let me know as soon as possible. The more workshops I can add, the cheaper it becomes.

That’s all for now, Cheers, Yves  

I’m still alive

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I know, my last posting was sometime in May last year, so it looks like I forgot all about this blog – correction: for a long time, I did forget I had a blog. In the unlikely event that you were eagerly waiting for an update on my whereabouts, please accept my apologies.

So what did I do between May 2012 and January 2013 that is worth mentioning. In chronological order:

1. there was a concert of my musical hero Elvis Costello in Brussels on May 31 that was – need it be said?- too good to be true.

2. I taught a small class in Santa Fe, organized by Trish Meyer. I enjoyed the hospitality of Trish and Patty Hammarstedt while I was there, met up with a FB acquaintance and wonderful paintress Alexandra Eldridge and of course visited a few galeries on Canyon Road, so I got to know more about the art scene in SF, which is regarded as the second most important of the US.

3. Then I flew to Portland, Oregon for the annual conference. Always nice to catch up with my colleagues from overseas. This year was special: four of the seven European teachers in the Faculty were Brugeans – somehow, I always like to mention this. It was a very good edition: lots of things to see, lots of presentations to attend, delightful students – a very intense week.

4. August 3 : Andrea Voets, the harpist I collaborated with, gave the premiere of ‘Latin Lovers’ in Ostend. More performances are booked for this year – it’s going well.

5. I taught for the Clas Festival in Malvern (UK) in the third week of August. I remember it was a wonderful setting and the students were, as usual, very eager and cooperative. I stayed a day longer to visit a.o. the Worcester Cathedral.  

6. In September I had an American tour, bringing me first in Miami, where I stayed with Monica Marquez en Gina Taller. Again the best hosts one can imagine – truly, so far I’ve always been extremely lucky with the people I stay with. I had five days in between teaching where I could enjoy the Miami way of life.

7. From Miami, I flew to Greensboro, North Carolina, to participate in a workshop with no less person than John Stevens at Cheerio. What can I say ? This privileged life is such that one starts feeling guilty about it. Wonderful people, all of them, Joyce Teta is a treasure, John a great teacher, Martyn a splendid cook, … if you haven’t experienced Cheerio as a calligrapher, your life cannot be complete.

8. After Cheerio, my destination was Kansas City. I spent two, three days there teaching for the lettering staff of Hallmark. Had the opportunity also to see some of its inside – graphic designers everywhere and creativity literally dripping from the walls.

9. Finally Atlanta, the home of the late Martin Luther King. Two days teaching, restaurants, relaxing, a bit of sightseeing and informative talks along the way with my host about the American way of life.

10. In October I started renting a studio space in the center of Bruges, which allows me to work a bit dirtier than I normally do. Also, there’s nothing there to distract me from my work – no computer, no kids, no wife, no books, just me, my tools and my ipod.

11. For a couple of weeks, I worked on canvas and wooden panels. For me it proves a lot more difficult than working on paper. I spent hours adding, obliterating and feeling dissatisfied most of the time. Maybe it would help if I knew what I wanted 😉

12. Next to that, I practised daily my Trajans with the flat brush. It is an old love of mine, that got resuscitated in John’s workshop. I’m making progress, but it’s not an easy thing. It still baffles me that John can make a flawless alphabet ‘just like that’. I keep on practising, just for the joy of it,… and to become a better calligrapher also, of course.

13. In between the struggles with canvas and the Trajans, there were a few (but much less than in the old days) commissions: a.o. two logo’s that drove me into a direction that I would normally not follow myself, but afterwards I’m glad they did.

14. The first days of December I participated at a fair in Damme (close to where I live) where I had the opportunity to show what calligraphy can be and what I do to a wide range of people. I kept saying to myself I should do this more often. After months of maddening solitude in my studio, I finally got some feedback. One can get so used to (or in my case: bored by) what you do, but for the outsider, it still looks like magic I felt all those years ago. Talking to the public made me look at my own work with fresh eyes. Hmm, maybe not that bad after all…Anyhow, some nice contacts and commissions came out of it.

15. Back in the studio however, doubts came creeping in again (no surprise there, it happens to me all the time ) but this time I suddenly felt drained of all energy. I questioned every single stroke, every single idea, every single colour in my work – it paralyzed me completely – many times I just wanted to throw it all away and return to my school job, for I hated my work, I hated calligraphy (which is not the right attitude when you’re teaching it). Doom and gloom all over the place – happens to all creative people, I’m told, but could I really call myself ‘creative’ ? No way.

16. Things pass, however, and no Prozac was needed to put myself back on track. I closed the gesso-pot for a while and returned to lettering. At least three different persons, unknown to me, had asked me, out of the blue, if I could please show more letters again. They had followed me closely (without me being aware of it) and deplored the fact that I was straying away from calligraphy such as we know it.

17. So the last couple of days, I’m happy to say that I found joy again in my work – there are even some workable ‘ideas’ (now, thàt was a long time ago) being tossed around in my head, working their way out onto the paper.

So far the update of what I did. In the months to come, there are workshops scheduled in Flanders and abroad, some commissions for wallpainting and other stuff, but there’s still time enough for making new work.


Cheers. P.S. Oh, I did renew some of my pages on my site, especially the gallery has become more user-friendly… I hope.