Thoughtful Gestures available as e-book

Announcement e-book

Since my first book Thoughtful Gestures went out of print two years ago, I received numerous requests from calligraphers and students for a copy and each time I felt sorry I had to disappoint them. Now, I can offer the e-book version, to which I added an extented gallery of another 16 pages, showing more recent work. The e-book can be ordered for only 12 euro, but the really good news is that it’s completely FREE for all who bought or will buy the Litterae-box. Call me crazy, but I merely wanted to make a ‘thoughtful gesture’. For more info on how to order or contact me, see attachment.


2 Responses to “Thoughtful Gestures available as e-book”

  1. Hi Yves, I would like to receive the e-book, Thoughtful Gestures, but had some trouble navigating on your website. Is there another way to acquire it? Thank you, Carol Hall

  2. dear Artist,
    thanks so much
    Thoughtful Gestures
    is motivating, interesting, creative.
    all the best
    with kind regards, Jean-Jacques

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