‘Litterae’ is coming…

It felt like bungeejumping – not that I ever did that though. I had checked about a hundred times all my designs and texts but it was still with a trembling finger that I clicked the send-button to send it all off to the printer. In the coming week, thousands of cards, boxes and booklets will be delivered at my doorstep for me to assemble them and then (hopefully) ship them to whoever wants a copy.

Litterae will presented as a box containing 24 A5 cards with Latin texts in calligraphy. All texts are translated and commented with further illustrations. It will provide information on the Latin authors, the chosen quotes and why I interpreted the texts the way I did.

I turned out that I didn’t print enough copies of my book ‘Thoughtful Gestures’ three years ago, so this time I made sure I’ll be able to deliver.

So stay tuned – I’ll announce it very soon with all details. Here’s a little teaser for now.Image


5 Responses to “‘Litterae’ is coming…”

  1. I cannot waitt Yves … Please hurry. Pearl

  2. Thank you, Yves, for the update. I am excitedly anticipating your work. Carol Hall

  3. Looking forward to this one too Yves. I thank you, the calligraphy world thanks you!

    Is there any chance Litterae will be ready and shipped to John Neal for the upcoming Legacies conference? g

  4. One step closer! Oh, I am so excited to see this project get real!

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