Two things…

Hi all,

Two things… I want to announce two workshops I’ll give in Hamburg from 7 til 10 November 2014. One is on pointed brush (see picture) and the other is on flat brush Rustics. If you’re interested you can contact me ( and then I’ll put you in contact with the organizer, Anja Luedtke.

The other thing I wanted to say is that I’ve been working very hard on a series of 24 calligraphic interpretations of  some of my favourite Latin texts. Along with the prints, there’s additional information about the author, the chosen text and the reasons why I opted for that particular approach. As I wanted this collection to be the result of my very best efforts in writing and composing, I have been picky in choosing and merciless in refining, but now that the end is in sight, I’m very glad with the result so far. It is meant not only to speak to calligraphers but also to anyone who’s interested in the Roman legacy. I hope to bundle them shortly and publish them. You’ll surely get to hear more about it, but I wanted to send this notification ahead already.

Thank you for your attention,



4 Responses to “Two things…”

  1. Looking forward to these Yves. A major undertaking and one I and I am sure all my friends & colleagues await with anticipation. Sincere wishes, Gemma

  2. Thanks, Gem. I do hope you’ll find it worth the wait.

  3. sylvie greeniaus Says:

    I, also look forward to the unveiling of this upcoming masterpiece(s).
    Sounds like you are still having the time of your life. Your student’s loss is our gain. Keep creating and keep having a great time!

  4. Sandy Schaadt Says:

    Any sneak peeks? Sandy

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