Touring days


I’m back home after two extensive tours, one in the Northern States of America and one in West Canada (eleven stops in total). There’s still one more trip to the US two weeks from now, the Colorado Conference and that will be the end of my traveling days for this year. We’re busy planning a tour in the US for Spring next year that will most probably bring me to Boize, Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs, perhaps also Boston, and I hope to add a few more to the schedule (contact me if you’re interested).

Everything went exceedlingly well: planes on time, delightful hosts and students, good food, fun time in and out of the classroom and enough time off to do some sightseeing or simply relax with a book.

Now, back home, I made a TO DO-list which keeps staring at me for quite a few things can’t be crossed that easily from it. A thorough editing of my handouts, preparing for an exhibition, writing a new book … and tending the garden, painting the woodwork etc…

Well, I guess that instead of updating my blog, I might as well get started on a couple of minor things on that list.



One Response to “Touring days”

  1. Enjoy your home for a while, even if the chores have to be done! Warm regards from a chilly, cold South Africa!

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