A week from now I’ll be on a plane to Minnesota, where my American tour kicks off. It’ll also bring me to Montana, Washington, Oregon and Illinois for 10 workshops in total. I’ll be away from home for about 5 weeks – the longest period so far. I know there will be times I’ll wish I could sit in front of my TV or at breakfast with my slippers on and my family around me, but I’m sure my hosts will make me feel at home – they always do.

I’ll return to the States in July to teach at the Calligraphy Conference, which is held in Colorado this year. I’m teaching Pointed Brush and Experimental Layout and I promised to give a slidepresentation one evening. There are still some places left, so check out www.2013calligraphyconference.com

And while I’m at it, it may be good to know that there’s a great possibility that I’ll be touring again in the US in Spring next year. At least three guilds have shown interest – if your guild would like to join and help cutting the airfare, let me know as soon as possible. The more workshops I can add, the cheaper it becomes.

That’s all for now, Cheers, Yves  


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  1. Oh Yves! I am so excited for your return to Canada as well. I loved the class I took from you in Red Deer at the Conference a couple of years ago, and I am hoping to get in for your 2nd class in Calgary in June!

    I am grateful that you are giving up the comforts of home to inspire those of us abroad! I’m sure your hosts will be honoured to take good care of you while in North America! Bon Voyage and see you soon!


  2. Rigendinger Says:

    Thank you!!!


    Annikki u Moritz Rigendinger

    Sonnenhofweg 1

    CH-5036 Oberentfelden


    Für wen wohl blühen die Blumen im Frühling, wenn nicht für dich?


  3. Well Yves, all I can say is they are all in for a treat. You are by far one of the best teachers, a superb guest and just a fab person all round. Lucky for them. Wish I could be there!

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