In between travels

Hi all,

Feels like my teaching life has started again. I gave a weekend workshop in Niort (France) towards the end of April for the association EVA and then I toured for two weeks in the US, teaching first at Cheerio and then heading to Washington, Memphis and finally Chicago. Thoroughly enjoyed it all. My hosts were all too good to be true and my students paid attention and never protested but kept smiling when I pushed them relentlessly. That used to be slightly different when I was teaching Latin at Grammar school 😉

Within three weeks I’m off again, this time for the NorthWest Calligraphy Conference in Portland (OR), and prior to that a more intimate three-day workshop in Santa Fe (NM). In August I’ll teach at the CLAS Festival in Malvern, U.K.

In between, I’m enjoying the lovely weather and return to my studio towards the evening to get some things done. There’s an exhibition planned for August…

In September I’ll fly again to the States for another series of workshops. I’ll start in Miami (a few days on the beach is included), take John Stevens’ workshop in Cheerio (can’t wait for that), fly down to Kansas city for two workshops (one of them for the lettering staff of Hallmark) and end in Atlanta.

I have a few local workshops scheduled in Winter and in Spring 2013 I’ll do an extensive tour in the North West territories of the US (7 different venues).  

Two months ago I finished another small film for the ‘Latin Lovers’ collaboration with harpist Andrea Voets. It’s about Orpheus, the legendary and unfortunate singer-songwriter of Greek mythology. You can watch it here:

That’s all for now, I guess.

Take care,



7 Responses to “In between travels”

  1. USA/Canada’s gain – sounds fabulously exciting. great to hear it all. Enjoy and just use those Latin phrases for calligraphy! x

  2. You certainly lead a busy life, Yves. Don’t know when you get the time to do some painting. Wishing you all the best for the next round of travel.

    • Busy ? It only looks that way, Graham, believe me. As a matter of fact, I had about 8 months during which I had not much else to do than painting and filling my portfolio to the brim.

  3. Hey Yves … I’ll see you at Cheerio in the John Stevens class! Unfortunately I cannot bring Coco with me. Pearl

  4. Jean Formo Says:

    Hi Yves,
    Well – its about time I got on board!! So looking forward to your workshop with us in Minnesota next spring! Finally, I get to take a workshop from you – and loving what I have seen from your blog…thanks for all of the wonderful videos. Light and Joy, Jean Formo

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