Hi there,

This week I filmed pieces of my work, a pianist at work and my own hand at work. It all resulted in a film with Beethovens ‘Pathétique’ as musical score, an absolutely wonderful piece of piano music if you ask me.
I want to share it with you, my trusted followers. Hope you will enjoy it: there’s lot of live writing in it. Of course, you can forward the link to other people if you want. Here it is:



10 Responses to “Beethoven”

  1. Hey Yves, this is fantastic!!! Thank you.

  2. Hi Yves,

    Great! Well-done!


  3. Wonderful! Loved every minute, Yves. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  4. mary lou Sherman Says:

    FAB! See you in Memphis in May!!! mary lou

  5. It is simply breathtaking! I enjoyed every minute of both the music and the lettering. Bravo!

  6. ann franke Says:

    WOW! What a great way to show your work with the world. It was amazing.


  7. Carol Weiler Says:

    Beautiful! Loved both the music and watching you create.

  8. Lovely movement, Yves!

  9. fantastic, Yves! A work of art and a nice demonstration of gestural srokes. Thanks so much for producing and sharing this.

  10. Beautiful film, beautiful work!

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