Finally an update

Hi folks,
I must confess I neglected my blog terribly. Almost forgot I had one. But I suppose you all have better things to do than anxiously waiting for an update. Still, here it is.
What happened since October last year ? Oh, the exhibit in the castle of Poeke went fine. Sold three pieces, all to the same man, I found out later, a teacher in graphic design – which is nice to know.
Eye on Art Gallery, located in the design district of Carmel, Indiana, bought some work and will hopefully become a distributor of my work in the States.
I accepted to participate in a few exhibitions locally. One of the gallery-owners urged me to work larger and on canvas, which I did… for a few days. I may well return to the canvas, but that was hard labour and I still need to find my path there.
I also promised a contribution for a big project with prisoners writing texts and European artists giving shape to their words. More news about that will follow.
I made a series of works, inspired by the ancient myth of Theseus and Ariadne, to accompany the harp music performed by Andrea Voets, an old student of mine. These works resulted into a film which is projected while Andrea plays the harp. You can see a fragment of that collaboration on Youtube

I’m currently taking lessons in Premiere Elements and that movie was the first one I did. I made another one on my exhibit in Antwerp, that I also posted on Youtube

I sent some material (video, pictures and comments) to Denis Brown, who wanted to include me in the ‘guest section’ of his highly reputed Calligraphy TV program. And I am thrilled with the result. People who have subscribed to the series will understand why. To find yourself among calligraphers like Brody Neuenschwander, John Stevens, Thomas Ingmire and Hans Joachim Burgert… it made my day.
I’ve started the coaching of the students who will contribute to a big exhibition in April. In my class I have seasoned calligraphers as well as painters and aquarellists who have never seen a nib at close range. And yet they will all incorporate letters into their work.
I’ve added another teaching topic to my little list. I’ve become quite familiar with the Pentel Point Brush and made a workshop around it, which I’ve tried out a few times already locally.
I haven’t done a lot of teaching lately, but I worked on various commissions ànd I took the time to fill my portfolio again. You can see some of it by visiting my website and clicking on the button ‘new work’ on the welcome page.
In the meantime, nearly all my copies of ‘Thoughtful Gestures’ have left the building. I have about 40 copies left. If you decide that life is definitely worthless without a copy of that book, you’d better be quick.
And finally, I sent notice to a few calligraphy guilds in the States that I would plan one or two tours and that I’m available for bookings. One tour is getting shape and will bring me in the North West (Montana, Washington, possibly Minnesota and Canada) in Spring 2013. Another one is scheduled for Autumn this year. If your guild is interested to be part of that tour, feel free to contact me as soon as possible.

I guess that’s all for now. Thanks for reading this. I’ll be back.


One Response to “Finally an update”

  1. Great originality Yves! It is inspiring to me in my discovery of my unique style of expressive Calligraphy…. still learning what that is. Your influence is part of what my expression will encompass and I am grateful for it.

    Shelly-Ann Guinn

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