After the Rush

Hi all,
It’s been a while since I last posted something on my blog. The first half year of 2011 was loaded with workshops, travels, the preparation of my exhibit in Antwerp and the publishing and selling of my book. Halfway August I could finally relax from all the fuss. And in recent weeks I have been able to produce some new work. You can have a look at a selection of it on

Please copy and paste the URL into your browser to view the works.

Apart from some local workshops there’s not much planned for the months to come. Time to do some commissions, prepare a few new workshops, produce new work… and there will be again a huge exhibition in April next year with personal work and work of my students. More info and pictures will certainly follow.

In a more distant future, there will be workshops held in Cheerio, Washington, Memphis, Chicago, Santa Fe and Portland. Also two in France: Nancy and Niort.

Last weekend saw the closing of my exhibit in the Antwerp church. A film about the whole project will be made and I’ll post a link to it when it’s ready. Last weekend also saw the opening of another exhibit in which I take part. The venue is the Castle of Poeke: we are 50 artists and I’m represented with 6 works. See for more info:

Take care,


3 Responses to “After the Rush”

  1. It’s always great to see what you’ve been doing, Yves. The new pieces are wonderful. I especially like the triptych. Looking forward to Cheerio. See you in May.

  2. beautiful and inspirational as always Yves – thanks. I am looking forward to the new exhibition x

  3. Discovered you through “Layers” , a blog I frequent. I love your work! I work in abstraction and love to use text so your work is a total inspiration to me. Keep me posted on your Portland workshop. I am not too far away.

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