Out of Africa

Hi all,

Just got back from South-Africa, where I spent a wonderful three weeks in the company of my fellow calligraphers. Met nothing but nice people, who guided me around, served me the best food and spoiled me in various ways. I stayed in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Capetown for in total 6 workshops. In the meantime I could fully appreciate the mild climate in midwinter (there’s a good reason for migrating immediately) and the beautiful scenery of Capetown. Nice also to callitalk with colleagues such as Heleen de Haas, Andrew Vandermerwe, Leesette Turner, Hilary Adams, and so many others… Ah, I could go on for some time here. Let me just post a few pictures. Follow this link on picasa for a slideshow of a ridiculously small selection of pics:


And now, I need to make the last preparations for the next workshop, starting tomorrow evening. Don’t have to travel far this time: Turnhout, Belgium. It is the last one of quite a series. I have nothing scheduled for the rest of this year.

Take care,


10 Responses to “Out of Africa”

  1. Fijma Luijk(born in the Netherlands) Says:

    I followed your tour in SA.Am a very new calligrapher living in Pta.Enjoyed what we saw.Keep up the good work.Good luck with Eur. winter around the corner

  2. Schitterend gewoon!!! droomlandschap, bedankt om dit te willen delen

  3. Sue Williams Says:

    I am unable to view your photos! I am so pleased to have met you Yves, and thank you again for sharing so much with us in Cape Town.

  4. Ginger Meidel Says:

    Congratulations, Yves, on a wonderful teaching tour, and thank you especially for posting all the gorgeous photos!!!

  5. Marvelous photos, Yves. What a wonderful opportunity for both you and your students. Did &rew let you play with his beach toys?

  6. Ha Yves, wat leuk om een aantal dingen op jouw foto’s te herkennen ! Ik was daar in oktober vorig jaar en de herinneringen komen weer boven 😉 Mooi land, aardige mensen … maar ook veel schrijnende contrasten.

  7. Ginger Meidel Says:

    Photo 29 – is that elephant really made of beads?! It is aMAZing…

  8. Sue Williams Says:

    Dirmü loaded your photos for us to view. Very good photography! Looking back at them must be great to share with your family.

  9. Would love to see the pics. However your link does not work for me. Message says you don’t exist 😦

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