Workshop in the Dordogne

The reason for not posting anything sooner about the exhibition is that I had to prepare some workshops for France and South Africa. I just returned from a three day workshop in the Dordogne for Atelier Calligraphie, organised by Emmanuel Spaeth, whom you may know from ‘Mail Art Across the World’. Always a delight to stroll around in the old parts of a French city and to taste their bread, wine and cheese. Not to mention the French calligraphers, who are a delight in themselves. Emmanuel threw a big bunch of pictures of the class events on picasa. Here’s the link.
You’ll see lots of quick demo-stuff on the spot, some finished pieces done by me and work done by participants.
And now, I need to get ready for South-Africa.


3 Responses to “Workshop in the Dordogne”

  1. Sylvie Greeniaus Says:

    Thanks for that Yves. I’m soooo happy for you.
    Have a safe trip!
    Sylvie G

  2. A brilliant preview of things to come

  3. Thanks Yves (and Emmanuel) for sharing all these wonderful photos. Have a wonderful trip.

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