The Antwerp Exhibition

Sorry this took me so long. On Saturday June 25th the exhibition in the Antwerp church St-Anna opened. Everything went fine, no accidents reported. It is the first time I’m having a solo exhibition, and a rather big one at that. Visitors can watch a movie, a text on the floor of about 14 m long and a huge column of canvases, lighted from within. Next to these monumental things, I’ve made new work on paper, wood and fabric with texts relating to the theme, which is about the scandals in the church and a modern iconoclast. If you can’t make it to Antwerp in the coming three months, you can get an idea by following this link:, then click on the ‘info’ button below my picture and this will lead you to three series of pictures. Hope you’ll enjoy them.


2 Responses to “The Antwerp Exhibition”

  1. Sylvie Greeniaus Says:

    Oh! How glorious. Your work is big! I LOVE IT. On fabric and canvas and the floor. You spreading your wings, it’s wonderful to see. You are making the most of this sabatical! The venue, this church is spectacular. Wowwy! Wish I was there.

    xxoo SG

  2. What a fantastic exhibition of your exquisite work Yves! Wow, I wish I could visit to see it myself. Congratulations! Kathy Guthrie

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