Sending Thoughtful Gestures into the World

Hi there,
I’ve been busy yesterday and today signing books, wrapping them carefully up, writing addresses and writing down orders. A few larger packages have already been picked up. Some individual copies are ready to go out tomorrow. I’ve been informed that at this moment lots of guilds are drawing up a list in order to place a group order. A wise thing to do, since it cuts the shipping costs ànd the cost of the book itself.
If you want to know more about the content of the book, the price and the shipping costs, please go to the welcome page of my website and click further.
It is my pleasure to sign and personalize every single book you order by mailing me at


One Response to “Sending Thoughtful Gestures into the World”

  1. I’ve not had the pleasure of taking one of your classes, Yves, but I’ve been following your work since seeing it at the exhibit Laurie Doctor and Steve Skaggs got together in Louisville a few years ago. I was set to take your Chicago class, but couldn’t get the time off work. Now I have no work, but now I have time for art…Catch 22.
    I’ve posted photos on my blog of my ‘pseudo-Yves style’ works, and posted a link to your blog so people can see the real deal and order your book.

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