Another Sabbatical

Yesterday I finally made a decision regarding next schoolyear. Instead of going back to school to teach Latin, I’m going to spend one more year entirely to calligraphy. I’ve enjoyed most of what I did this year: the traveling and teaching part, the making of new work, the commissions, the preparations for the installation/exhibition this coming July, the composing and release of my book ‘Thoughtful Gestures’… well, I’ve been busy.
I have but a few workshops scheduled for next year and I would welcome some more. So if any of you would consider inviting me for a workshop near the place where you live, know that I’m available. I’ll be teaching in the US, most probably on two occasions, so we can add some more to that.
Contact me at for a survey of my workshop topics and further details.


5 Responses to “Another Sabbatical”

  1. Best of luck with another year of calligraphy.

  2. Lisa K Says:

    And what a year it has been for you, Yves! Keep the “mojo” going….great things will happen!

  3. Congratulations on your decision, and best wishes for the coming year!

  4. connie furgason Says:

    Hi Yves….we’d like to consider you for a workshop with the Fairbank Calligraphy Guild…where and when do you have bookings in the states. We’re here on vancouver Island…where Island Magic was held.

  5. Hi Yves,
    Where are the new blogs? Photos?
    (I just know you are working on SOMEthing). Do you have a theme or direction in mind for the year? or do you just start experimenting?

    It seems fine artists always have some kind of fashionable statement for publicity; I’ve never been so fortunate to think of something clever to say. I just “muck around” until cool stuff happens. I SO enjoyed your workshops! Keep going on the blog! Best wishes, sue

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