That’s it for me

I’ve been trying all afternoon trying to get into the dashboard of this blog to update it, all to no avail.
It drove me nearly mad, and as it happened before on several occasions, I decided I will only post short important messages via the QuickPress button I discovered.
I tried another blog, Posterous, which seemed fine at first, but then it proved to be unreliable too.
So far my blogging experience…
Look at it this way: I saved you some precious time too.

Take care,


12 Responses to “That’s it for me”

  1. I do understand. It took me a while to get used to Typepad even though I had the benefit of my brilliant daughter who set it up and got me writing. And if I don’t use it for a while, my brain turns to mush and I forget where everything is – spent the better part of one morning just looking for the pages setup. Jen says WordPress is even more difficult to get used to but far more powerful … as if powerful would be useful when I can’t find the photo upload šŸ™‚ Know though that we love reading what you write. Have a great afternoon, Yves and glad you’re safely home. Sandy

  2. It’s not that it’s too difficult to do, in fact, it’s very easy. It’s just that eight times out of ten I don’t get access to the dashboard, from which I can update.
    No afternoon anymore for me, Sandy, almost bedtime. But have a great one yourself.

  3. Thanks Yves … lost all track of time here. Sleep well.

  4. I’ve never done wordpress, Yves, but I have four blogs on Blogspot and it’s always been easy access. Good luck! We like to read your posts and see your work.

  5. Hi Yves,
    I’m very happy with typepad… had never really had any issues with trying to upload images or putting up a new post. Me thinks your program is not all that user friendly, and it is really annoying when it doesn’t work like it should, isn’t it?!? Hope all is well with you and yours, have a great week!

  6. Hello Yves,
    Please don’t give up! It’s wonderful to hear from you, see what you are doing, and being inspired!

    All the best,

  7. Oh no! Please do conquer the blog problem, since you must have many followers. Blogspot has worked well for me. Or have you looked at TUMBLR? I’ve been busy all year with my printmaking, showing my work in a couple of galleries. All this attention to printing has meant I’ve neglected the lettering the last few months. Time to grab the C-5 and get back to it. Pam Galvani

  8. Sorry folks. I had another fresh try this morning with WordPress, Posterous and Tumblr, but each one of them was so slow in responding that I lost my patience. Either they don’t want me to start a blog, or there’s something wrong with my computer… but I’ve wasted too much time on it already.

  9. Hi Yves, I too tried WordPress after shifting from as I was told there was far more that you could do with it. I also lost my patience and spent more time searching for things and waiting for ever for things to upload that I rapidly changed back.

    Why not give a go, you can import this blog over and it’s VERY user friendly. It’s also supported by Google so you will go quickly up the Google ranking SEO’s.

    Just my 2 penneth worth of experience here :o)
    Sue x

  10. I know that with Posterous you can email your post. Just attach your images with the email in the usual way. Posterous will resize and format for you. No need to go to the dashboard. You can find the email address for your blog in your account info. I posted to my posterous blog for a year this way and never visited the blog myself. Even works from my mobile phone. I tried Tumblr, but had problems with it. Blogger also had issues.

  11. You are one of my mentors Yves, I really gravitate to your way of doing things….including your website, It was the inspiration for mine.
    Fondly, Shelly-Ann Guinn

  12. I like… Post > New (on the left hand side menu).
    Hang in there! I’ve tried a few providers for blogs and I think WordPress is the best (for the most options). When you add the photo be sure to wait for all the options to upload (a lot of text) then scroll down to the bottom- a button will appear that says “add to post” click that and continue to edit your text for the post, then the blue button on the right margin “publish”. If you have specific html questions, I’d be happy to answer– just email me! Best, Sue (My blog is

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