Back and Gone

Last night, I got home after a workshop in Herzberg (Switzerland). Everything went fine (well, maybe except for my all too frequent abuse of the French language), but unfortunately I had but little time left to spend with Denise Lach, my hostess, who nevertheless showed me the printing equipment in her school, the Beyeler collection and the Vitra design house. Basel has a lot to offer for the visually inclined quality-seeker.
Some pictures would be nice here, I know, but I have to move on. Tomorrow afternoon, I’m leaving for Australia…


5 Responses to “Back and Gone”

  1. There’s no way you could abuse the French language! And lucky you to spend time with Denise Lach. I love her book. It is amazing. Have a great time in Australia. Safe travels. Sandy

  2. Dear Yves! It appears that no moss grows under your feet! Have a great time in Australia and be sure to post lots of photos from your trip there! Safe travels!

  3. Sounds like I should also put Herzberg on my list of places to visit! Look forward to hearing about your pursuits down under!

  4. I live in ZH – next time you’re in CH let me know


    Hi Yves, this is María, from Atlanta, I just want to say again that I really enjoyed the workshop last month. It was amazing! I also want to let you know that I found and ordered your book. Too bad I did not have it when you were here.
    Hope you are back home.

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