What Keeps me Busy

Hi there. I want to thank everyone who responded so nicely to my recent blog. Already 50 people signed up and will be notified each time I post something new.
Like now…
I’m about to leave for Switzerland to give a workshop. My hostess is the equally talented as aimable Swiss-French calligrapher, Denise Lach.
Right after that, I’m off for a tour in Australia. My good Aussie friend, Janine Mitchell, organized a series of workshops in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart (Tasmania).
So… hectic times, but before I leave I want to get some things done for what I’ve come to call my church project.
I’ll tell you more about that later, just for now I want to disclose a little bit by showing some pictures.
One shows a small fragment of lettering which will cover part of the floor of the church (actual size will be more than 20 meters) and another shows a still from a film we’re making. Last picture is a fragment of a commission I did today, for which I had to write and compose 8 words.


7 Responses to “What Keeps me Busy”

  1. Sylvie Greeniaus Says:

    Hi Yves,

    I’m so happy to hear your art work is going big! Hurray! Can’t wait to see more about the church project and the film.
    Safe travels! Hear from you soon…

  2. Anne-Marie Moore Says:

    Exciting beautiful gestures!

    • Bonnie Houser Says:

      Hi Yves,
      LOVE …. keeping up with your work! All the best with the new endeavors. I’m working on the several pieces started at your
      workshop in Austin… and entering one dyptich in our Guild Show. I definitely need to keep at it. God Speed on your travels!

  3. The church project is intriguing. Happy travels.

  4. I’m happy to discover this blog to follow your work. I’ve admired your work for a while as it represents the direction I want my calligraphy work to take. I’d love to know when you might be in the USA again around Oregon or Washington as I’d love to take one of your workshops. is there a place to follow your teaching schedule?

  5. I’m curious about the film you’re making. You work looks wonderful in the still you’ve shown. The video of Jaime Lerner on city planning is really great. Have a good time in Australia!

  6. everyone here in oz is eagerly awaiting your arrival yves! hope you have a safe trip and a great time in, without question, THE best country on earth (just watch out for the poisonous snakes, spider, box jellyfish, octopus, platypus……) see you soon!

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