Some Works

To give you an idea of the kind of personal works I’m making the last couple of years, here are some photos, picked out quite randomly and put together in a slideshow.
You can see more of this on my website,

11 Responses to “Some Works”

  1. Fun blog Yves! I’ve added your blog to the list on my blog’s side bar.

  2. I love to see your work, Yves. You are inspiring! Good job on the new blog!

  3. Beautiful work, Yves. You inspire me to keep working.

  4. Very inspirational, thank you Yves.

  5. You make me regret even more that I had to miss the Chicago workshop! Great stuff!

  6. Woman of Words Says:

    Fabulous works, Yves. I never tire of seeing them! Nicoll

  7. Andrew van der Merwe Says:

    Yves, your work has such emotion.

  8. Amity Parks Says:

    Your work is breathtaking, Yves. Thanks for posting notice of your new blog, it looks great…I’ll share the link with our state guild members.

  9. I’m so glad to see your new blog.

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